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The King's Feast 

By Lantern Light Studios

The King's Feast is a passion project that I have been working on with the team at Lantern Light for a while. The studio itself up the release of The Kings Feast was not seeing revenue; No one was getting payed. We were simply in it because we love making games. This project has been about a year in the making and finally the game is out on Steam. Please join us in celebrating and taking a look using the link below.

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Lantern Light Studios

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Project: Ascend

Project Ascend is a short game demo where you control a Squirrel trapped in the wall of a family home. To get back out you make your way upward  from platform to platform using pipes spewing out jets of water to ascend. Careful though as smog is building and chasing after you and there are levers built into the wall that if hit, release more smog, leading it to chase after you faster. Currently the project is in a beta state with there still needing to be animations for the water (currently purple cubes) and animations for the squirrel.

The project just recently won 1st place in Media Arts and Studies at the Ohio University Student Research Expo for 2023.

I hope to continue working on the project further into the summer and eventually releasing it in a state fit for publishing on Steam. Still got a little ways to go though.

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Ozcar Rebirth (Thesis)

I am currently working on a senior thesis. Said thesis explores using Houdini to create procedural environmental tools and using Chat GPT to aid with development to produce a working prototype of a game.

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